House Cladding For Insulation & Protection

All over Queensland and Northern New South Wales

A solid 34+ years Experience, 30,000 Jobs completed + a 50 year warranty are 3 big ways you can tell that Abbey Thermal Boards is one of the leading house cladding experts in cladding homes and businesses on the east coast of Australia.

Abbey Thermal Boards we are experts in our trade. Our fully insulated, foil backed weatherboard cladding is a high quality product that comes in the largest colour range in Australia. Abbey Thermal Boards works with the best products so that you know you can pick the colour you want to insulate, protect your home and never have to paint it again!

Our expert tradesmen have installed cladding on everything from homes, halls and villas to community centres, hotels & commercial centres.
Abbey’s Thermal Board Insulated Vinyl Cladding is an excellent investment on your home which will save you money – forever!

Likewise, if you want durability and style, look no further than our aluminium range, suited for QLD and NSW weather.  We have some of the best aluminium cladding solutions that are perfect for the harsh Australian climate.

NEVER Paint Again – Install Weatherboard Wall Panels Today!

Painting your home every 5 years or so is a very wasteful, expensive exercise which can be stopped by the installation of Abbey Thermal Boards over any existing walls. It will save you thousands of dollars, eliminate painting forever, insulate your home and always look good.

With both aluminium and vinyl cladding options available in a great selection of colours, Abbey offers a large variety of choice, and a design to suit your home or business.



  • Tested & judged as ‘Australia’s Highest Quality’ and exclusive to Abbey with 50 years guarantee!
  • Abbey’s fully insulated cladding can be used in the Australian Tropical Cyclone Areas and can withstand both extreme heat and cold.
  • Abbey Thermal boards are wind and impact resistant.
  • Beat the harsh climate by cladding the exterior of your home with Abbey Thermal boards.
  • Never have time for yourself? With Abbey Thermal boards you will never have to paint your house again!
  • This form of cladding can withstand the extreme heat or cold & make your house look brand new.
  • 50 year warranty

(+) Never Have To Repaint Your House

Does your home need a new look? Do you want to save money on heating and cooling bills with better and more effective insulation? Then Abbey Thermal Boards has the solution for you!

House cladding is a simple and cost-effective way to brighten up your home and make it look brand new, while also increasing its market value and reducing its impact on the environment. In colder months a property loses on average up to 60% of warmth through its walls, roof and windows, which will have a massive effect on your household heating bills.

But the solution is simple. Quality cladding will act as insulation for your property against heat, cold and noise, saving you money on the cost of air conditioning in the hotter and cooler months by regulating the inside temperature of your home.

Exterior cladding will significantly reduce the effects of weather on the exterior of your property as well, making it more resistant to rain and sun, and adding to a property’s overall durability and maintenance.

It will also completely eliminate the need to paint the outside of your house ever again, as cladding is installed over your existing walls and the high quality materials won’t chip, flake or peel and don’t need to be painted.

Only basic maintenance is needed. By washing down your cladding with mild detergent you can keep your wall cladding looking clean and new.


There are numerous advantages to choosing Abbey Thermal Boards for your exterior cladding needs:

  • We have been tested and judged as ‘Australia’s Highest Quality’. By using only the highest quality materials and equipment exclusive to Abbey Thermal Boards we can confidently back all our installations with a 50 year warranty. We comply with the Building Code of Australia and all our products conform to Australian/NZ standards.
  • Our fully insulated cladding systems are suitable for extreme Australian weather conditions. Our Australian owned and designed thermal weatherboards are wind and impact resistant and have been evaluated as suitable for use in Australian tropical cyclone areas. Abbey Thermal Board homes were unaffected by the 320k/h winds during Cyclone Larry in 2006. They can also withstand extreme heat and cold, are hail, water and salt spray resistant and have maximum UV resistance, making them ideal for any harsh Australian climates.
  • We have a large range of colours and profiles. Our colour range is the largest in Australia and includes all the traditional colours like Colonial Red and Sandalwood as well as a range of contemporary and unique shades such as Teal and Slate Grey, as well as everything in between. To make sure that you can get the colour you want when you want we consistently keep weatherboards available in stock equivalent to around 300 house lots.
  • We are not restricted by the condition or quality of your home. Abbey Thermal Boards cladding systems are suitable for all types of homes and properties, whether it is new or old, timber, tiles, brick, block iron or other metal. Our thermal weatherboards are perfect for refreshing an ageing home with a new and updated look, or adding to an already brand new home and extending its life and value.


Like anything else, houses and buildings will wear and tear with age especially if they were not constructed using high quality materials and skilled, reliable builders. We have all seen one or two of them in our time – the poor quality houses, where short-cuts were taken or poor decisions made in their construction.

In time, as the property gets older, these mistakes start to show both inside and outside. The paint might begin to peel or fade, the plaster might start to crumble, and the exterior walls will start to weather and break down, leaving the house in a terrible condition.

This will be a huge problem if you want to sell or rent your property in the future, and will significantly decrease its worth and value.

But all this can be easily prevented. Don’t waste your valuable time and money modifying, repainting or renovating your house every few years.

Invest in your home, your comfort and your peace of mind with Abbey Thermal Boards durable commercial and house cladding and save up to thousands of dollars in the long run.

(+) Thermal weatherboard cladding

Our thermal weatherboard cladding options are economical and effective solutions to maintaining good insulation all year round, while having the resilience and durability to resist Australia’s harsh and varying weather conditions.
Although our wall cladding looks like timber it is in fact plasticised PVC.

This means you get the same beautiful look without the expense of ever having to paint again. Made from pieces of rigid foam shaped into different sizes according to the needs of the individual building, the materials used to make these cladding options like polystyrene and polyurethane which are proven to withstand weather and time.

We also offer vertical board options that are ideal for feature gables and eave linings in your home, and we can supply and install guttering, fascias, down-pipes and window exchange.

Freshen up your home or property with the highest quality insulation and protection from one of the most reliable and experienced companies in Brisbane. With over 34 years’ experience and 30 000 successful jobs completed, we have put a lot of time and research into becoming Queensland’s cladding specialists servicing all over Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Our Australian owned and designed vinyl cladding systems are fully insulated and foil backed, and are all covered by our 50 year warranty.

Let our committed team of experienced specialists breathe new life into your property, whether it is a brand new or old residential home, commercial building, hotel, motel, villa, hall, church, community centre or something else.

We also have the largest colour range in Australia so we can find the wall cladding system that best suits you and your property. Your entire property can generally be completed in up to a week, but if you have several levels or a lot of walls it can take a little longer.

Give us a call to discuss your individual requirements and we will come to a decision that is just right for you.

(+) Our Cladding Options

Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl is the most popular material for exterior cladding systems because of its appealing look, cost-effectiveness, durability and low maintenance.

Consisting of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin and scientifically tested and environmentally-friendly recyclable polymers, vinyl is engineered through an advanced manufacturing process and has a strong history of success as a building material in Australia.

Vinyl cladding comes in a larger range of colours, profiles, textures and with more optional accessories than other materials. It is lightweight and easy to install, while the insulated vinyl cladding systems also improve energy efficiency.

Vinyl thermal weatherboards are easily maintained as they are not affected by harsh weather conditions and have no problems with rotting, cracking, denting or insect damage. Vinyl is essentially a self-sustainable material, and only needs to be washed occasionally with detergent and water. It is also one of the least expensive choices in cladding material.

Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium is another popular choice for wall cladding because of its high durability and sustainability. Although it is a slightly more expensive material than vinyl, it provides a greater level of protection and will look new for longer.

The benefits of aluminum is its high resistance to corrosion and extreme weather conditions, being among the most waterproof of wall cladding material options. It is also 100% recyclable.

It is a strong and versatile metal that comes in a variety of colours with trims and accessories, and its durable finish will not crack or peel. Our aluminium cladding comes in a smooth or wood grain finish, according to your individual preference. It is easily maintained, and occasionally hosing off the cladding will keep it looking clean and new.

So don’t overlook the exterior of your house – it needs just as much attention as the interior. Let our thousands of satisfied clients be the example and give us a call now on 1800 621 113 or fill in our online contact form for advice or an obligation-free measure and quote.

We are available 7 days a week and will work around what suits you to fit your schedule and budget. Abbey Thermal Boards will have the right choice house cladding solution for you and your home!