House Cladding Toowoomba

Breathing Some Life Into Your Aluminium House Cladding In Toowoomba

A great way in which to revamp your aluminium house cladding in Toowoomba is to simply give it a new bit of paint. This will give the whole house a new lease on life, which is sure to be noticed by everyone. Painting aluminium house cladding on Toowoomba homes is a relatively easy task and can be easily broken down into four easy to follow and easy to complete steps.

Clean– For the paint to stick well, the surface needs to be absolutely clear of any residue and/or debris. To accomplish this use a warm mix of water and detergent to remove the residual greases and materials and follow up with steel wool for those tough to remove stains. Once it is clean, rinse off with a hose and let the cladding dry.

Caulk– Use a flexible caulk to fill in those gaps and seams where leaks are likely. Ideal places are around fittings, windows and door frames. Special care should be given to where the aluminium cladding meets woodens fittings.

Fill- Fill in any holes or dents using caulk or an auto filler. You can also cover the heads of any nails to give the smoothest possible finish once your house cladding has been painted. Once dry, sand the filler down and paint with primer before the painting proper. Paint – Once the house cladding of your Toowoomba home has been prepared, it’s time to paint. You will want to prime the house and let it dry before repainting it with a quality latex paint for the top coat.

Once completed your house cladding in Toowoomba will have never looked so good. Now that you know how to redecorate your cladding, you can continually change its colour whenever the urge takes you.