House Cladding – An Environmentally Friendly Choice

In this day and age with environmental issues such as global warming at the forefront of our minds, many of us what to do as much as we can to reduce our environmental footprint.

There are many ways that we can be more sustainable through how we live and the things we purchase. Even a minor change could make a big difference to the impact you have on the environment.

Despite being conscious of making environmentally friendly choices in every way possible, you may not even realise that the cladding you choose for your home can have a significant environmental impact.

Some types of home cladding are more sustainable than others so it is worthwhile looking into your options.

If choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly cladding option is important to you, at Abbey Thermalboards, we can help you choose a great eco-friendly house cladding option that is perfect for your property and location.

Our aluminium and vinyl house cladding options are both environmentally friendly. Each cladding product has their own unique properties and eco-friendly benefits.

Find out how you can reduce your environmental footprint and live more sustainably by introducing aluminium or vinyl cladding into your home.
Why You Should Consider Environmentally Friendly Cladding

To live in a sustainable and eco-friendly home involves many factors including design, construction and energy consumption, but why do people go through so much effort to reduce their ecological footprint?

The natural environment is fragile and as humans we are very quickly wasting the natural resources available to us.

If we all want a happy and sustainable future on this planet, living a sustainable life is a necessary choice that needs to be made, and this extends into the building products we use for our home.

If reducing global warming and decreasing humanity’s negative impact on this planet is important to you, change has to start with you.

One of the many building material choices you could make is investing in exterior cladding. Some simple eco-friendly choices you may want to consider when choosing cladding or other building products includes:

  • Recyclable – If a product can be recycled, it reduces wastage and decreases landfill. The recyclable materials can also be reused again and again for new products.
  • Energy Efficiency – Choosing the right building products that can also contribute to energy efficiency. Boosting your energy efficiency not only reduces your reliance on harmful fossil fuels, but it also saves you money on electricity bills.
  • Fewer Resources – The less resources and products used during its production and lifecycle, the lower the impact will be on the environment.

If a more sustainable building option is available, why wouldn’t you choose it? More often than not, the environmentally friendly option is not only better for the environment, it can also better for you in many other ways including efficiency, longevity and reliability.

You will be pleased to know that the exterior cladding options available at Abbey Thermalboards features these highly regarded eco-friendly benefits.

Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium cladding is a strong and durable home cladding option that looks great and stands the test of time. It’s a metal that also has the advatangae of being 100% recyclable and reusable. During the recycling process, aluminium does not lose any of its properties or qualities. The benefits don’t end here.

When aluminium is recycled, it only uses 5% of the energy used to create new aluminium and only 5% of the greenhouse gases are emitted.

Because aluminium is so easy to recycle, instead of going into landfill, it will be reused for brand new products. Aluminium cladding will not go to waste!

The recyclability of a product should be highly regarded. For example, if you think of long term environmental impacts, you would be glad to know that if the house is deconstructed one day in the future, the aluminium cladding will be recycled and reused in other building projects.

Another great way to improve your sustainability is to reduce your energy consumption. Did you know that aluminium cladding can even reduce your energy costs?

This is because aluminium is highly reflective, deflecting the sun’s harmful UV rays while keeping your home cooler and less reliant on air-conditioning.

Vinyl Cladding

If you are set on having vinyl cladding for your home, you want to make sure you have chosen the most environmentally friendly option available.

Vinyl cladding can also be very sustainable, as long as you choose a sustainable option.

At Abbey Thermalboards, the vinyl cladding we supply is made up of resilient recyclable polymers. This product has been scientifically tested and proven to have no harmful effects on the environment.

Because this form of vinyl cladding can be recycled, it can also be reused again and again, reducing the amount of waste in landfill. Post-industrial recycling is so widespread that more than 99% of manufactured vinyl will end up in a finished product.

Vinyl cladding also saves on energy because it is extremely lightweight which makes transportation and installation easy.

The vinyl house cladding we provide is also specially insulated. This has a hugely positive impact on energy consumption in your home, saving you money on the costs to heat and cool your home.

When you build or improve your home with an environmentally friendly focus, you can feel content knowing you have made the best decisions possible to reduce your environmental footprint.

If you would like to make an eco-friendly choice when it comes to home cladding, give Abbey Thermalboards a call on 1800 621 113.