Vinyl Cladding is a Cost-Effective Option

As a homeowner, you are no doubt always looking for the best and most cost-effective way to take care of your home while keeping maintenance costs low. You’re doubtless aware of the costs of maintaining your home, and know the importance of making sure you’re on top of things, lest you fall behind and face bigger repair bills down the line!

It’s a fact that homes are high maintenance, and anything you can do to take care of your home cheaply and easily – while still ensuring a high quality of care – will be a bonus to you.

The inside of your home is relatively easy to care for, thanks to the fact that it is protected from the elements, but it is the outside of your home that cops most of the deterioration thanks to wind, rain and sunlight.

The elements are out of your control, but there is a way to keep the costs of caring for the exterior of your home low, and that is by using vinyl cladding.
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What is Cladding?

Cladding, when applied to the home, is a non-loadbearing skin or layer which is fixed to the outside of a home as a means of shedding water and protecting the building from the effects of weather.
The primary role of cladding in your home is to act as a protectant against weather and the elements.


Vinyl Cladding Benefits

When you have vinyl cladding, you will enjoy a range of benefits that are equally financial, environmental and lifestyle related. The vinyl cladding cost benefits soon outweigh the initial expense.
No more painting!

When you invest in vinyl cladding as a cover for your home, you will never have to paint your home again!

The vinyl cladding that we use offers bonded colour which means that you will enjoy the same stunning colour to your cladding year after year. Vinyl cladding is also waterproof, so you don’t need to seal it or to add any further protection for pest control.
Save on cleaning time

When you have vinyl cladding, you will be able to save on the amount of time it takes to clean your home.

You won’t ever need to break out the gurney to clean your home – in fact, you can clean the outside of your home with soapy water and a cloth very easily.


Environmental Benefits of Vinyl Cladding

The vinyl cladding cost doesn’t just refer to the financial benefit – it also extends to the environment. Vinyl cladding is predominantly made with PVC and is available in a range of colours, profiles, textures and finishes. Advances are being made in PVC recycling, but current rates do remain low due to cost and complexity.

That said, once the vinyl cladding is on your home, you don’t need to repair or replace it for decades. In fact, we offer a fifty-year guarantee on our cladding work for your home!

Remember that when you have vinyl cladding for your home, you don’t need to repaint your home – ever – and this means that you’re saving money on paint and time on cleaning as well.

We would love the opportunity to introduce you to the world of vinyl cladding as a means to saving money for your home.

Vinyl cladding is a cost-effective way to care for the exterior of your home and is a fantastic way to maintain a stunning exterior of your home, year after year.

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