Abbey Thermalboards Cladding News and Facts


What is Cladding?

Installing cladding on the side of a house.


Cladding Materials?

Installing cladding on the side of a house.


How to Identify Asbestos

Asbestos wall.


Vinyl Cladding is a Cost-Effective Option

A house with a dollar sign.


Cladding Over Brick

A house with cladding done over brick.


What You Need To Know About Cladding Over Asbestos

Warning asbestos.


Is Aluminium Cladding Safe?

A model of a house sitting on top of coins.


House Cladding – An Environmentally Friendly Choice?

Eco friendly.


Exterior Cladding – A Wise Investment?

House cladding installation by a tradesman on scaffolding

Designer Exterior Cladding

Mixing different coloured exterior cladding.

House Cladding Versus Painting

Builders applying house cladding.

Facts About Aluminium & Vinyl

aluminium is strong and a good wall cladding choice.      There are a range of colours that can be used in vinyl cladding.