Defence Housing Association

Superior Vinyl Cladding by Abbey Thermalboards

20 houses completed with Northern Queensland in one month!

Vinyl Cladding installed by Abbey Thermalboards in 'Mocha' colouring for the Defence Housing Association.
Abbey Thermalboards established for 35 years was chosen as a trusted house cladding supplier and installer to enhance the appearance of 20 Defence Housing Association homes in Northern Queensland.

All houses were completed within a month and in a variety of colours chosen by the client, with our superior wall vinyl cladding.

Some of the vinyl wall cladding colours chosen by the client (pictured below) include, mocha, slate grey, ivory and linen.

This was an excellent renovation project which dramatically gave the entire neighbourhood a makeover and protected them from the sweltering heat from the approaching summer!

Choose Abbey Thermalboard vinyl cladding for your home with its excellent insulation properties and brilliant finish, you’ll never have to paint again, lower your electricity costs from using an excess of air conditioning and heating due to the excellent foil backed insulation!

Front view of vinyl cladding completed for a home for the Defence Housing Association.

Abbey Thermalboard finished view of a home with vinyl cladding installed in their grey colouring grade.

Ivory coloured vinyl cladding installed and completed on a home by Abbey Thermalboards for the Defence Housing Association.