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Bundaberg is one of the few towns in Queensland that so seamlessly unify the classic charm of restored heritage buildings with the subtle grandeur of modern architecture and design.

Home and business owners alike are recognising the importance of preserving their properties and giving them the lasting revitalisation that comes with quality aluminium or exterior vinyl cladding.

Abbey Thermalboards is the leading supplier and installer of beautiful, functional house cladding Bundaberg wide!

With more than 35 years of experience in the cladding industry and thousands of satisfied customers throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we are proud to stand behind each cladding job with a full 50 year warranty!

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A Real House Cladding Transformation in Bundaberg by Abbey!

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Quality Cladding Solutions

Protect & Insulate Your Bundaberg Home

Our stylish aluminium and vinyl cladding options will make your Bundaberg home shine, paving Queensland’s very own Southern Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef with homes and buildings embodying the unique character of the locals.

Abbey cladding is designed with Queenslanders in mind. Constructed to withstand whatever the weather can throw at it, as well as help save you thousands in long-term maintenance and energy costs, our cost-effective exterior solutions are ideal for the Bundaberg climate and lifestyle.

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The Best Cladding Thermalboards from Abbey!
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Superior Defence against the Elements

Without house cladding, your home is susceptible to the damaging effects of direct sunlight, rain, wind and fluctuating temperatures.

Despite Bundaberg’s warm and temperate climate averaging around 25°C in summer and 16°C in winter, the region experiences a large amount of rainfall throughout the year – even in its driest month of September.

With about 1,099mm of rain falling annually and occasional frost in some inland areas of the region, Bundaberg’s subtropical climate also provides locals with more than 330 days of sunshine every year.

These variable weather conditions mean properties need to be built from hard-wearing, multi-purpose materials that prevent both water damage and structural deterioration from direct sunlight.

At Abbey, we are proud to supply quality exterior cladding that is water resistant and UV-resistant to prevent water infiltration, mould growth and sun damage.

We construct all our cladding from durable PVC for a superior restoration solution that is also fire-retardant, storm and cyclone rated, wind and hail resistant, and totally insect and bug-proof.

Never Repaint Again

Did you know that the cost of repainting or touching up your home increases by about $300 every year?

That means that over the lifetime of your property, you could end up paying tens of thousands of dollars in exterior painting and repainting costs – and that’s just with a simple routine touch up job every 5 years.

But with a quick and easy one-off installation of house cladding on your Bundaberg home or commercial property, you can eliminate these considerable costs forever!

We use a highly advanced baked-on paint process so that your cladding isn’t just painted with the colour of your choice – it’s infused deep into the surface.

This means the colour won’t peel, chip or crack – ever! – and you’ll never have to touch it up again.

You’ll get to enjoy rich, lasting colour for the life of your property, no matter how much sun, rain or harsh weather it’s exposed to.

Regulate Temperatures without the Costs of Air Conditioning

Keeping your home or business cool in summer and warm in winter with an air conditioning system can have a massive effect on your energy bills, often accounting for up to half of your total electricity costs.

But with our foil-backed, fully insulated cladding systems, you can regulate your indoor temperature much more effectively – and at half the price!

Abbey supplies and installs cost-effective house cladding Bundaberg wide to help you save money on the ongoing costs of insulation and temperature control.

This energy-efficient solution works by acting as an extra insulating layer on top of your existing walls, allowing you to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while using less power.

Increase the Value of Your Property

House cladding is one of the most worthwhile upgrades you can make, with the potential to add thousands of dollars in value to your home thanks to its superior protective qualities, lasting appearance and low maintenance.

We offer a huge range of diverse and tailored design options, so you can personalise your home to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

With a huge colour range and textures, finishes, trims and accessories to match, you can revamp your property and give it the edge it needs to stand out in the Bundaberg housing market.

Choose From Aluminium or Vinyl Cladding

Our high quality aluminium and vinyl cladding Bundaberg solutions provide outstanding strength and weather-resistance while retaining a pristine appearance for years to come.

Both types of exterior house cladding are very popular with Bundaberg home and business owners and provide many fantastic benefits.


Affordable Cladding For Houses

See why Abbey is the leading provider of vinyl and aluminium cladding Bundaberg wide today.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the best type of cladding for your residence or business and start reaping the numerous benefits a quality installation brings!