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We believe in providing new home owners and renovators with the best cladding product. Our House Cladding Brisbane team is dedicated to being open, honest and reliable when it comes to handling your exterior cladding needs and requirements. We use fully insulated, foil-backed thermalboard cladding, designed specifically to suit Brisbane’s unique climate, weather and growing property development market

With more than 10,000 happy customers in the Brisbane area alone, cladding for houses and commercial properties is our specialty. Our Cladding Thermalboards come in a range of stylish colours to suit any house or commercial application

We offer a full range of options including our popular vinyl cladding and aluminium cladding solutions.


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House cladding by Brisbane-based Abbey Thermalboards.


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    Cladding Protection from Brisbane’s Weather Conditions

    Abbey Cladding adds an extra protective layer to the outside of your building, giving you an additional defence against Brisbane’s severe weather. From flood season to bushfire season, our aluminium and vinyl house cladding can protect your property against it all.

    Brisbane on average experiences an extreme stormy season between January and March, and is also prone to a hazardous bushfire season from August to December.

    This Brisbane home owner was very satisfied with their finished cladding result!
    This Brisbane home owner was very satisfied with their finished cladding result!

    Our heavy-duty, weather-resistant house cladding is made from resilient PVC and high quality building materials. Abbey cladding is fully water resistant, fire-retardant and rigorously quality tested and assured to withstand the region’s varying weather conditions.

    Insulation in Brisbane’s Fluctuating Climate

    Brisbane is familiar with record high temperatures and heatwaves are also a familiar occurrence, with summer days occasionally reaching temperatures as high as 40°C and over. The general climate ranges from hot and humid, to mild and dry, and properties need to be constructed from durable, resilient materials that won’t be affected by changing temperatures.

    Prone to high temperatures throughout the year, Brisbane has an average maximum temperature of around 30°C in the summer months and around 17°C over the winter period.

    At Abbey Thermalboards, we make sure our House Cladding Brisbane wide stands up to both extremes of the spectrum. It is foil-backed for superior insulation and temperature regulation, keeping your property warm in winter and cool in summer to save you hundreds on the costs of yearly air conditioning.

    Abbey Vinyl and Aluminium Cladding won’t be greatly affected in strong heat, sunlight, moisture and humidity – effectively controlling weather infiltration and vapour.

    Our simple house cladding solutions are the most cost-effective and efficient way of protecting, insulating and brightening up the appearance of your Brisbane home, property or business.

    We offer fast installation and lasting quality, as well as an array of modern and traditional design choices



    A view of the completed house cladding job done by Abbey Thermalboards.