House Cladding Lismore

Taking care of your home is important. For many of us, our home is our biggest asset. Whether you’re a homeowner and home occupier, or you’re an investor who knows the importance of taking care of your property, it’s vital to ensure that your home is in great condition year after year.

You might be great at keeping your home in great condition on the inside, but how well are you taking care of your home on the outside?

If you are living with chipped or faded paint that’s been weathered by the Lismore sun, then you need to get your home in tip-top condition with Abbey Thermalboards.

Home cladding does the job that paint just can’t do by acting as a shield against damage from the elements. If you want to protect your assets, you can with our house cladding Lismore wide.

In Lismore we are lucky to enjoy a humid, subtropical climate with warm and mild temperatures practically all year round. We get plenty of rain, and our summer temperatures rarely fall below 20 °C.

Compared to surrounding areas, Lismore is pretty humid, and it’s important in this kind of weather and temperatures to ensure your home is protected.

For quality vinyl and aluminium cladding Lismore, we have got you covered.

Why Choose Abbey Cladding for your Home?

  • Over 35 years of experience in cladding homes and businesses across Australia
  • We’ve cladded over 30,000 homes and businesses across the country
  • You get a fifty-year guarantee on all our work

Before and after house cladding in Lismore.

Protecting our Lismore Homes

Lismore was surveyed and declared a township on 1 May 1856, and afterwards, on 5 March 1879 was declared a municipality, before being declared a city on 30 August 1946.

Just 46 kilometres from Byron and 35 kilometres from the beautiful east coast, Lismore is a stunning spot to call home.

As anyone from Lismore knows, the area is prone to a flood or two; one of the worst in 1974, followed by a formidable flood in 2005. Lismore is often hit by severe storms in spring and summer, with hailstorms relatively common.

When your home is being subjected to strong conditions like this, you need to take a few more precautions than you would in a mild weather location.

House cladding Lismore works to protect your home against hail and rainstorms and gives you ongoing protection for years to come.

Aluminium and Vinyl Cladding Lismore Residents Trust

When you’re looking to take care of your home and want to ensure great value for money, aluminium or vinyl cladding Lismore is a great choice for your home.

While painting your home is a way to protect your property, it’s not as effective as house cladding because it needs to be redone time and time again, every 10 years or so. This can be very expensive over time.

When you choose house cladding Lismore, you enjoy a whole host of benefits.
Aluminium Cladding Lismore

– Durable and hardwearing material with excellent insulating properties
– Corrosion and weather resistant
– Eco-friendly – it’s 100% recyclable!
– Exceptional value for money
Vinyl Cladding Lismore

– Long lasting, durable materials
– Choose from a range of colours and finishes to match your home
– Easy to maintain
– Value for money

Choosing house cladding Lismore gives you a great home protection product that insulates your home and offers a beautiful appearance as well.


Home Cladding Lismore – Never Paint Your Home Again

The current estimated cost of painting your home is around the $5,500 to the $8,000 mark if you have a two-storey, three bedroom home.

If you have a home with weatherboards, you’re looking at anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. This obviously depends on the size of your home and the overall condition that your home is in.

But with cladding, you are installing a once-off design and protection solution for your home that will continue to retain its style and appearance for years to come.
Before and after pictures of exterior cladding being applied to a house.


A Range of Colours for House Cladding Lismore

Just as you can select the perfect paint finish for your home, so too can you choose the perfect style and finish for your home with aluminium and vinyl cladding.

In choosing the perfect colour and finish, we can help with your design choices.

No matter what you have in mind, we can work with you to figure out the best kind of cladding and will work with you to ensure that the job is completed to the best of standards.

Look at our range of colours for aluminium and vinyl cladding in Lismore.


House Cladding Will Save You Money!

Lismore residents, on average, struggle with a higher than average power bill – $500 more than the rest of NSW.

So it’s vital that you do anything you can to save money on your power bill if possible. Installing cladding on your home gives you added insulation which keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Abbey Thermalboards have helped countless Aussies save money on their power bill – so why not you?


External Cladding Adds Kerb Appeal

According to real estate data, Lismore rental properties are in high demand.

If you’re looking to make your property stand out and appeal to the rental market, house cladding Lismore is a great way to do it. Buyer demand is increasing as well, and it’s important to do all that you can to increase your home’s ‘kerb appeal’.


Top Quality Cladding Lismore Wide

Protect your home against the weather and enjoy a beautiful finish that will last for years with Abbey Thermalboards house cladding Lismore wide.

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Get a free quote and measure and find out how we can help to beautify and protect your home for years.