House Cladding Mackay

Whether you’re a homeowner or a conscientious investor, you know the importance of taking care of your property assets.

While you might be excellent at keeping your home spick and span on the inside, how do you take care of your property’s exterior without spending a few thousand dollars on painting it every ten years or so?

The answer? House cladding Mackay.

Why Choose Abbey Cladding

  • We have over 35 years of years cladding experience Australia wide
  • Our work can be seen on over 30,000 buildings across Australia
  • We offer a FIFTY-YEAR guarantee on all of our work
  • Don’t take our word for it – take a look at our testimonials!

Before and after shot of our house cladding Mackay.

Protecting Our Mackay Homes

The foundation stone of Mackay was laid on 18 November 1928 and since then has grown to be a flourishing coastal city of over 85,000 people.

Many of the traditional homes – worker’s cottages and the like – have been preserved in Mackay, with many homes made of the traditional timber weatherboards.

These homes are an important part of Mackay’s history – while still, other homes are in dire need of repair and love thanks to Mackay’s tropical climate and hot sun.

We are lucky to have a humid, subtropical climate here in Mackay, with our average temperature sitting around 30 °C in summer and 23 °C in winter.

Our days are sunny and dry in winter, but come summer and late December we get a formidable wet season which lasts until March or April!

Daily rainfall is commonplace, and tropical cyclones are not uncommon. As a result, it is vital that our Mackay homes are protected with the right stuff – house cladding!

Aluminium and Vinyl Cladding Mackay Residents Trust

Many of the beautiful homes you see in Mackay are protected with vinyl or aluminium cladding. House cladding has many benefits as you can see below:
Vinyl Cladding Mackay
– Durable and long-lasting
– Available in a stunning range of colours and finishes
– Easy to care for
– Affordable for your home
Aluminium Cladding Mackay
– A strong a durable material with exceptional climate controlling abilities
– Weather resistant and corrosion resistant
– 100% recyclable and reusable – very eco-friendly
– Great value for money
When you choose house cladding Mackay wide, you are getting a great product at an exceptional value that will serve to act as a noise control agent, a heat control agent, and weather protector.

You will enjoy the stunning facelift that cladding brings to your home, in addition to the range of benefits listed above.

Never Paint Your Home Again With House Cladding

With Abbey house cladding, you will never have to paint your Mackay home again. Given that the current estimated cost for house painting is around the $5,500 – $8,000 mark if you have a two-storey, three bedroom home, that’s not a bad thing!

If you have a weatherboarded home, you’re going to be looking at the cost of anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 – depending on the size of the home and condition of the weatherboards.
Exterior cladding homes in Mackay - before and after.

A Range of Colours and Finishes

Are you wondering about the kinds of colours that you can choose for your home?

In warmer climates, it’s best to choose light colours and smooth surfaces which will reflect heat away from the home.

No matter what the design that you have in mind, we can work with you to figure out the best kind of cladding for your property and then ensure that the job is done to the highest of standards.

Take a look at the types of colours that we have available for aluminium cladding Mackay and vinyl cladding Mackay here.

Save Money with House Cladding Mackay!

The average power bill for a home in Mackay is usually above what it is in a cooler or more temperate part of the state. So it’s comforting to know that when you get Abbey Thermalboards to install cladding in your home, you will enjoy a reduction in your power bill.


When you install cladding, you enjoy the benefits of added insulation which has the impact of you needing less power and time with the air-conditioner on in summer and less time with the heater in winter.

Abbey house cladding has already helped countless homes and families across Australia to save money on their power bill – so why not do yours?

Add Value to Your Home

The stunning visual appeal of house cladding adds definite kerb appeal to your home. In a competitive housing market, you need to make sure that you are doing all that you can to get the best possible price for your home, and cladding can help increase the overall value of your property.

And even if you’re not thinking of selling, the value that you get from coming home to your stunning home is worth it with house cladding Mackay.


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