House Cladding Maryborough

Home and property owners in Maryborough are fortunate to live in a town steeped in a rich culture and history, with houses and buildings to match.

Safeguard your investment and make it shine with the protective building exterior of choice: House Cladding.

At Abbey Thermalboards, we are proud to supply and install quality aluminium and vinyl cladding Maryborough wide, cementing your property’s place in Queensland’s beautiful Heritage City.

As leading house cladding specialists, working with Abbey means working with best installers and Thermalboard materials.

  • More than 30,000 jobs completed and thousands of happy customers
  • We trade all throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales
  • A full 50 year warranty on every cladding job
  • 35+ years of experience

Happy Customers & Great End Results

Real Abbey House Cladding Throughout Maryborough!

A Great End Result For This Homeowner on Queen St

Stylish Exterior Cladding Design For All Property Types

Whether you want to restore your property to its original charm or revamp it completely with a brand new look, our array of cladding options can make all your renovation dreams a reality.

We offer both aluminium and vinyl cladding for your Maryborough home in a fantastic range of colours and finishes!

You are certain to find the perfect colour combinations that really help restore your home or business and save you painting costs in the long run.


A House Cladding & Extenstion Renovation For This Maryborough Residence on Lyrebird Lane


Preserve Your Maryborough Home

with our Fully Insulated Cladding Systems

Our hard-wearing, specialty exterior cladding is designed to suit a wide range of homes, businesses and commercial properties throughout Maryborough.

With the city’s unique climate, lifestyle and development style, house cladding in Maryborough needs to be able to withstand everything from record hot days to flash flooding while still retaining the heritage charm that residents know and love.

Abbey’s vinyl and aluminium cladding is constructed to do just that, and more!

Cladding Thermalboards to Insulate & Protect

See our Thermalboards Up Close HERE!


Weatherproof Your Property

Quality cladding acts as a first layer of defence against the elements and extreme temperatures, preventing rain, wind and sunlight from damaging your home.

While Maryborough’s climate is generally warm and mild with average temperatures of around 25°C in summer and 16°C in winter, the city is known for receiving a significant amount of rainfall.

With an average rainfall of 1,183mm every year and occasional moderate flooding, properties need to be constructed from heavy-duty, water resistant materials to counteract moisture damage and mould growth.

Our house cladding is proudly water resistant, made from robust PVC to ensure it remains untouched no matter how harsh the weather.

It’s also fire-retardant, wind and hail resistant, cyclone rated and termite-proof, so you can be completely confident that your cladding will last the test of time.
Eliminate Painting Forever

Maryborough home and business owners pay an average of $8,000-$10,000 for a full exterior paint job every 5 years or so – and the price tag rises every year with inflation.

But you can completely eliminate these massive ongoing costs with a simple, one-off installation of aluminium or vinyl cladding to your exterior walls.

With no peeling, flaking, chipping or cracking no matter how much sun or rain it’s exposed to, your cladding will never have to be touched up or repainted!

Our house cladding Maryborough wide is secured directly over your existing walls, and with our highly advanced colour-baked paint process the colour of your choice is infused deep into the material rather than simply painted on.

This results in a vivid, lasting colour that won’t be affected by weather or time.
Save Thousands on Your Power Bills

Did you know that heating and cooling your home to keep it comfortable throughout the year can account for up to a quarter of your entire electricity bill?

But you can put a stop to that with our fully insulated, foil-backed cladding.

Abbey exterior cladding will regulate your inside temperature, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer and reducing the need for costly air conditioning.

Its superior insulation and temperature control mean you’ll be able to use less power and increase your energy efficiency while maintaining a comfortable inside temperature throughout the year.
Stay Ahead of Building and Design Trends

Maryborough is a fast growing city – one of the fastest on the Fraser Coast, in fact – with the population increasing at a steady rate of about 20% over the last decade.

With a mix of families, singles, couples and retirees living in a variety of housing types and structures, personalising your home is an important part of expressing your individuality and style.

Our stylish cladding options offer full design flexibility, allowing you to colour match your home or property and add any number of extra coordinated accessories and trims.

With one of the largest colour ranges in Australia and an almost limitless amount of contemporary and traditional design options, you can tailor your house cladding to your Maryborough property and lifestyle.

Vinyl and Aluminium Cladding that Lasts

At Abbey, we supply quality vinyl and aluminium cladding Maryborough wide.

These are the building materials we have hand-picked for their exceptional durability, protection and resilience.

Both are very popular types of exterior cladding with Maryborough home and business owners for many reasons.


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Make the switch and start saving money today – call Abbey on 1800 621 113 to revitalise your home or business with quality exterior cladding that’s as stylish as it is practical!