House Cladding Redcliffe

Nestled on the edge of the Redcliffe peninsula and hugging Moreton Bay is the pretty seaside town of Redcliffe. Established in 1824 as Queensland’s first colony, the area is home to a huge array of architecture including mid-century homes that hark back to the thoughtful and creative designs of the 50s and 60s.

Homeowners in Redcliffe see the value in revitalising and preserving their architectural gems and so look to fortify their houses and buildings with quality aluminium or vinyl cladding.

Abbey Thermalboards is the leading supplier of stunning house cladding Redcliffe wide.

At Abbey, we have over 35 years of experience installing aluminium and vinyl cladding Redcliffe wide (and across Queensland and Northern New South Wales) and proudly endorse our work with a 50-year warranty.

We install cladding on a range of Redcliffe properties including:

  • Houses
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Small Businesses
  • Housing Complexes
  • Commercial Centres
  • Community Halls

A Real House Cladding Transformation in Redcliffe by Abbey!

This timber Redcliffe house before we restored it with beautiful, high-quality cladding.


The finished Redcliffe house after cladding with Abbey!

The Above House is From a Very Happy Redcliffe Abbey Customer

Quality Cladding Solutions Protect & Insulate Your Redcliffe Home

When you choose from our range of aluminium and vinyl cladding solutions for your home, you are guaranteed of a quality product that will insulate and protect your property, while giving it a stylish and attracting facelift. You can choose from our range of colours giving you choice about the new aesthetic for your Redcliffe home.

All our cladding is created with you, the home or property owner, in mind. We create our cladding to outlast the hard Queensland sun and weather, and understand that you want a quality product that is designed to last. Our quality cladding is ideal for the Redcliffe weather and salty air.


Up close with our high-quality cladding thermal boards!

The Best Cladding Thermalboards from Abbey!

See our Thermalboards Up Close HERE!


Superior Defence against the Elements

If you don’t have cladding on your home, you’ll find that your home is going to be exposed to the risks of extreme temperatures, as well as everyday elements like sun, rain and wind. Plus, in Redcliffe, houses are always being exposed to the additional environmental factor of salt spray from the ocean, so it makes sense to protect your assets with Abbey aluminium or vinyl cladding.

In Redcliffe, we experience an average temperature of 28°C in summer, with a drop to 21°C in winter. We get a fair amount of rain in Redcliffe – around 1076mm annually – and enjoy a fair amount of sunshine year-round. Because of these kinds of conditions, the houses in Redcliffe need to be protected from the elements. Protecting the exterior of your home with vinyl or aluminium cladding gives you peace of mind that your home is safe from water damage and other kinds of damage due to the elements.

All our house cladding Redcliffe wide is a quality product that is UV-resistant and water-resistant, which means it’s designed to prevent water getting in and designed to protect against sun damage. Our cladding is made from hardy PVC so you’re guaranteed of a getting a quality product for your home that’s going to withstand storms and cyclones, wind and hail, and bugs and insects.

Never Repaint Again

Did you know that the cost of repainting or touching up your home increases by about $300 every year? In taking care of your property, painting and retouching could end up costing you thousands of dollars in touch-ups and routine repair and maintenance jobs every 5 years or so.

BUT – a simple call to Abbey Thermalboards can save you time and money forever! Our aluminium and vinyl cladding solutions provide an attractive, durable and guaranteed solution to protect the exterior of your home.

Worried about retouching? Don’t be! Our cladding is infused with an advanced baked-on paint process so that your cladding won’t peel, chip or crack. Ever. You’ll never have to perform a touch up on your home’s exterior again.

With Abbey vinyl cladding Redcliffe wide you will enjoy long-lasting colour for the life of your property – no matter how much of that lovely salty beach air your home is exposed to!

Regulate Temperatures without the Costs of Air Conditioning

When you’re looking to heat or cool your home across the seasons, you often run into huge bills as your air conditioner struggles to keep up with the fluctuating seasonal temperatures. But there is another way to manage the temperature in your home without resorting to the air conditioner every time! The solution? Cladding.

Our foil-backed cladding insulates your home, which means that you are able to regulate the temperature in your home at a fraction of the price. We can perform the installation of your new house cladding Redcliffe wide, and look forward to being able to save you money on your temperature control.

Increase the Value of Your Property

When you’re looking to perform upgrades on your home and are wanting to make the best investment for your home, cladding makes sense. As an overall investment, cladding has the potential to add thousands in value to your home thanks to its inherent value as a protective agent and aesthetically appealing choice.


This home was given a makeover with Abbey Thermalboards. Contact us today to find out how we can do the same for you.


Plus, at Abbey Thermalboards we offer a huge range of colours and design options so that you can choose the perfect fit for your home or property. Our vinyl cladding Redcliffe will give your property the visual appeal and lasting protection to give you peace of mind. Plus, having a beautiful home will give you an edge in the growing Redcliffe property market!

Choose From Aluminium or Vinyl Cladding

You have options when it comes to choosing the cladding for your home or property. Our quality aluminium and vinyl cladding Redcliffe solutions give you unrivalled strength and durability for your property, while remaining a strong aesthetic choice for your home. No matter which option you choose – there is a range of benefits for each. Take a look below.

Affordable Cladding For Houses

See why Abbey is the leading provider of vinyl and aluminium cladding Redcliffe wide today.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the best type of cladding for your residence or business and start reaping the numerous benefits a quality installation brings!