House Cladding Rockhampton

Rockhampton is home to typical North Queensland architecture: high-set historic wooden homes, weatherboarded kit houses and ground level brick buildings all designed to keep cool in the hot summer months.

With heavy humidity and summer temperatures in the town soaring into the high 30’s, it can be tricky to find an economical way to keep homes cool and comfortable, as well as make them stylish.

North Queensland locals have been using Abbey’s house cladding to do all of these things for decades.

With our range of sleek, modern colours, climate-conscious design and affordable installation, we provide aluminium and vinyl cladding Rockhampton loves.

35+ years in the industry!

Over 30,000 homes clad!

A 50 year warranty on every job!

Experience cladding houses all along the East Coast!

Cladding solutions for commercial centres, community halls, churches and more!


The Apolostic Church in the Rockhampton Undergoes a Transformation!

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Improve Your Property with the House Cladding Rockhampton Relies On

With Rockhampton’s population forecast to grow by 30% over the next 20 years, it’s a good idea to invest in small improvements now for a large gain later on.

Whether you’re buying your first home and want to make a cost-effective renovation, are looking for a way to add value and practicality to your family home, or have investment properties you’d like to be more attractive to renters, you need the house cladding Rockhampton trusts.

Transform your property today with Abbey’s quality exterior cladding!

Weatherproof Your Building

Cyclone Proofing

As a subtropical city, Rockhampton is more susceptible to tropical cyclones than other areas, making residents’ choice of housing exterior extremely important.

With our vinyl cladding, Rockhampton homes can be significantly more protected from the damage caused by strong gusts of wind.

In fact, even though Abbey Thermalboards cladding is resistance rated for winds up to 170 km ph, it still withstood the 320 km ph winds that Cyclone Larry brought in 2006.

And, the hail resistance of our cladding helped lessen the impact of debris on our customer’s homes.

Climate Control

By affixing cladding to the original surface of your building, you’ll also be able to counteract Rockhampton’s hot, humid climate.

The foil backing of our thermalboards helps reduce heat transfer from outside in summer and keep warmth inside in winter.

Of course, if you choose one of our lighter shades you’ll also have the added benefit of reflecting the sun’s UV rays and heat off the surface of your building.

Bushfire Resistance

With our vinyl and aluminium cladding Rockhampton residents can protect their homes during bushfire season.

No matter if you’re the proud owner of a Queenslander, or you have a more contemporary dwelling you want to protect, the solution is simple: install the vinyl and aluminium cladding Rockhampton admires.

Abbey Thermalboards’ vinyl cladding is fire resistant and our aluminium cladding is completely non-combustible.

Reduce Power Bills & Improve Property Value

When living in a state with some of the highest temperatures and the highest electricity prices, you simply have no choice but to look for ways to reduce your electricity usage.

Fortunately, by installing our house cladding Rockhampton locals will not only save money on their summer power bills but will also improve their home’s overall value.

The way it works is simple. With Abbey’s aluminium and vinyl cladding, Rockhampton homes gain an insulating layer.

This stops outside heat from permeating their homes and keeps cool air inside for longer.

Plus, the aesthetic appeal of modern cladding adds to the overall value of any property it is installed on.

That’s why tens of thousands of Queenslanders have chosen Abbey Thermalboards for their homes.


Should I Install Aluminium or

Vinyl Cladding?

We have narrowed the types of cladding we use down to the two best options on the market: aluminium and vinyl cladding.

The benefits of either of these options are numerous, and include:

  • Increased weather resistance, particularly in regards to cyclones and bushfires
  • Ease of cleaning and lower long-term maintenance costs
  • Beautification of properties with our stylish contemporary and traditional colours
  • Insulation and reduced power bills

If you’re unsure as to whether aluminium or vinyl cladding is the best option for your property, just read on to see the unique advantages both styles offer.

Superior Cladding for Houses

At Abbey, we believe that your home deserves the best, so choose the best cladding on the market.

To discuss giving your home a vinyl or aluminium cladding transformation with one of our friendly sales team, just give us a call on 1800 621 113.