House Cladding Toowoomba

Toowoomba is renowned for making its homes as pleasing to the eye as the city’s tree-lined, flower-filled streets are.

And, with winter temperatures dropping as low as 4 degrees at the top of The Range, residents of Queensland’s ‘Garden City’ are always looking for ways to keep their homes warmer as well as make them more attractive.

At Abbey Thermalboards, our house cladding is the perfect solution for insulating and redecorating at the same time.

Whether you occupy one of the region’s classic cottage-style houses, a traditional Queenslander, or a modern residence, with aluminium and vinyl cladding Toowoomba homes can be remarkably enhanced.

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St Joseph’s Catholic Church committee felt that the particularly old building was very expensive externally to maintain an attractive condition.

With the congregation getting older it became increasingly difficult to organise painting labourers and volunteers.

The comfort of the Thermalboard insulation, the look has enforced even more price in their church!

Future-proof Your Property with House Cladding Toowoomba Wide

Purchasing a home is usually the most significant long-term investment Australians make during their lifetime.

If you’re a retiree who wants to ensure their property will be well-suited to the local climate for the years to come, a new home owner wanting to add long-term value to their investment, or a family looking to invest in reducing future electricity bills and maintenance costs, aluminium and vinyl cladding are ideal additions to your property.

Weatherproof Your Home

Weatherboard cottages and traditional Queenslanders make up a large part of Toowoomba’s architectural offering.

While weatherboard homes are cost-effective purchases and Queenslanders are a treasure to look at, both of these styles of housing do not offer much protection from the elements.

By installing aluminium or vinyl cladding Toowoomba residents can protect their homes from the winter chill for years to come.

Abbey’s foil-backed house cladding adds a layer of insulation that will trap heat within your home’s walls – especially if you opt for one of our darker colour schemes.

Our cladding is also hail-resistant and cyclone rated, giving you added protection against Toowoomba’s frosty winters, strong winds and occasional severe thunderstorms.

And, if you live in an area that is prone to bushfires or surrounded by many trees, you can rest assured knowing that our cladding is difficult to ignite, easy to extinguish, and doesn’t spread flames.

Eliminate Repainting and Maintenance Costs

Toowoomba’s infamous red soil combined with the town’s dry weather and breeziness means the outside of its buildings require above average levels of cleaning and maintenance.

While repainting or rendering are always options, installing cladding is by far the best way to deal with dirty or rundown building exteriors.

House repainting usually has to be done every five years and the long-term costs of painting including materials, the labour involved in cleaning, removing old layers of paint, sanding, priming and repainting quickly add up.

Also, bear in mind if your home’s exterior contains any asbestos, the amount of quality repainting that can be done without disturbing the material is usually very limited.

If your home’s exterior contains any asbestos, the amount of quality repainting that can be done without disturbing the material is usually very limited.

The same is true of rendering your house – while a freshly rendered house looks great, you’ll still have to spend money on repainting the rendering further down the track.

But with our house cladding, Toowoomba homes of all shapes, sizes, and building materials can get a permanent facelift that will instantly transform their appearance and increase their value for decades to come.

Unlike paint, cladding does not flake or wear, so you only need to invest in having your home clad once.

we’re so confident our cladding will be a long-lasting improvement to your home that we offer a 50 year warranty on it!

Colour Match Your Property

Residents of Toowoomba are known for having appealing homes that live up to the town’s reputation as the beautiful Garden City.

With our advanced baked-on colouration technology, we offer cladding that you can be sure is highly fade resistant, no matter what colour you want.

Our thermal boards are available in a range of colours to perfectly suit the architectural style and landscaping of your home and street.

So whether you want to maintain the distinctive character of a Queenslander, update the look of a post-war home or bring practicality and flair to a new home, we have the colour palette for you.

Reduce Power Bills and Improve Property Value

With Abbey’s house cladding across Toowoomba residents can save on their heating and cooling costs year after year and increase the value of their homes at the same time.

Queenslanders have the second largest electricity bills in the country, making energy costs a major concern for Toowoomba locals. Fortunately, our cladding has helped home owners, community centres, churches, hotel & motel owners and other business owners save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills.

This is because our cladding traps heat in winter, eliminating the need to install insulation within your home’s walls. And, in summer, the reflective nature of our cladding manages the sun’s light and heat, keeping your home cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Abbey Thermalboards also act as a vapour barrier, reducing the risk of condensation build-up in walls and maintaining your property’s structural integrity.

When you combine these practical advantages with the aesthetic benefits Abbey Thermalboards provide, it’s no wonder we’ve been fitting house cladding Toowoomba wide for decades.

Should I Install Aluminium or Vinyl Cladding?

Vinyl and aluminium cladding share many advantages. They are both weather resistant, available in many colours, easy to maintain and economically friendly.

However, when considering which type of cladding will best suit your home, it’s also important to consider the unique advantages that vinyl and aluminium cladding each have.

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