Our Exterior Cladding Materials

Our range of commercial and house cladding thermalboards offers
fully insulated, foil backed exterior cladding that really revitalises and transforms your property.

With both aluminium cladding and vinyl cladding solutions on offer , we will make sure our wall cladding products help your home or business truly stand out, with the benefit of never having to paint again!

See why more people are choosing our quality external cladding products to give their property a new leash on life and increase its value.

Wall Cladding – Fully Insulated


Vinyl Cladding & Trims

D5I20 Insulated Colonial House Cladding Boards (Long long boards).
d5120 insulated colonial house cladding boards

D4 Avanti and Marquis external cladding board. Verticale coverage approx. 200mm (Available in a variety of colours).

D4 Avanti and Marquis cladding board.

V5 Multi-Rib Vinyl Cladding. Ideal for eaves and ceilings (Available in selected colours).

V5 Multi-Rib vinyl cladding
The Comprehensive Vinyl House Cladding Colour Range.
Vinyl cladding colour range.
J Channel (J20) Trim. 3.6l/m (Available in all colours and usable with all boards).
j channel vinyl house cladding trim
OCP20 (Outside corner post). 3.00l/m (Available in all colours and usable with all boards).
ocp20 vinyl cladding trim
Starter Strip. 3.6l/m. Neutral Colour.
vinyl cladding trim starter strip

Aluminium Cladding & Trims

External Cladding Chamferboard Profile in Smooth. Also available in Weatherboard and Woodgrain finish.
aluminium cladding installed on house walls.
Smooth and Woodgrain Weatherboard profile. 250mm coverage for both.
smooth and woodgrain weatherboard profile

The Aluminium cladding colour range includes:- Yulumba

– Bone White

– Wild Oat

– Alpine white

aluminium cladding colour range
Alumium Exterior U Trim. 4.00m Length.
aluminium house cladding trim exterior U trim
Exterior Outside Corner Aluminium Trim. 3.625m Length.
aluminium house cladding trim exterior outside corner
Aluminium Start Strip Trim. 4.00m Length.
aluminium house cladding trim starter strip