House Cladding

At Abbey we believe in providing new home owners and renovators with the best possible experience. Our team is dedicated to being open, honest and reliable when it comes to handling your house cladding and quality weatherboard needs and requirements.

With more than 10,000 happy customers in the Brisbane area alone we’re here to work with you – in a reliable and honest manner to make your house a home.

We also offer a full range of options including our popular vinyl and aluminium cladding solutions!

We can help with exterior cladding for your:

Hotels & Motels
Housing complexes
Small business
Community Centres
Commercial centres

house cladding by abbey thermal boards

If you’re a Queensland or New South Wales home owner or renovator looking to clad your house, apartment, office, commercial property, garage or shed our experienced specialists at Abbey Thermal Boards guarantee professional, quality service and only the highest standard of work.

We use the best quality materials and systems to fulfil your thermal weatherboard cladding needs and to make sure your home is insulated, protected and long-lasting.

Wall cladding is more and more becoming a design tool as well as a functional one. With a wide range of materials, colours, textures, trims and accessories to choose from, we will work with you to design and choose a cladding system that best suits you and your home.

By putting in the time and money cladding your home today you can save thousands in future painting and insulation costs.

We can clad any type of property and we are so sure of our expertise and the quality of durable and robust products and materials we use that we will give you a 50 year warranty on any weatherboard cladding we carry out on your behalf.



House cladding is a quick and cost-effective way of brightening up the look of your home. The process involves applying a protective, non-load bearing layer to the exterior of any sort of building, which will protect and freshen up the surface as well as provide a number of additional benefits.

Exterior cladding is usually carried out to improve building weather and fire resistance, control weather infiltration and water vapour, improve appearance, prolong life-span, enhance sound and thermal insulation and minimise maintenance and power-bill costs.

Different materials are used depending on your personal preference, type of property and the sort of weather your area is prone to experience.

While wall cladding is available in various materials varying from stone, brick, metal, vinyl, stucco and more, Abbey Thermal Boards uses only the best, most cost-effective exterior cladding solutions.

You can choose from vinyl thermal board, heritage board, vertical board and aluminium cladding available in smooth and wood grain finishes with numerous trims and 16 colours to suit any tastes.



Testimonials are much appreciated and we do have some for your perusal on our Testimonials page, but nothing attests to the long-lasting hardiness of our materials than devastating, real-world weather events.

During the 2005 to 2006 tropical cyclone season in Australia, Cyclone Larry, Australia’s most costly cyclone to date, made landfall in Far North Queensland and ravaged across the state for the next 24 hours laying waste to almost everything in its path.

All properties fitted with Abbey thermal boards and wall cladding remained undamaged by the furious winds which peaked at 320 km/h with hurricane-force intensity.

So if you want the best house cladding available on the market, you do not need to look any further than Abbey Thermal Boards.



  • We can clad any type of property including, houses, apartments, commercial buildings, offices, barns, sheds, garages and workshops.
  • As seen on television, we are the number one, go-to company for builders, architects and home owners with over 34 years of experience in house cladding. Our industry leading experts have completed over 30,000 jobs so you know you are employing an adept team of professionals who handle each project with extreme care, enthusiasm and efficiency according to your wishes.
  • We value your peace of mind. We will give you a free measure and quote when you call us to enquire. We will clarify anything you are unsure of, endeavour to answer any questions to the best of our ability and discuss time frames and options without pressuring you to commit to anything straight away. We have an esteemed reputation to uphold within the industry and as such we want our potential clients to do their homework, research competitors and check their finances so that when they inevitably come back to us they are secure in the knowledge that they have made the right choice.
  • We only use products and materials which meet stringent Australian Building Codes and Australian and New Zealand standards. Our products and materials have all been tested and found to be of the highest Australian quality so you can rest assured you are getting only the best.
  • Whether you wish to protect your new home or revamp and renovate your current one, thermal board house cladding is a cost-effective solution compared to the amount you would ordinarily fork-out for full house renovations, modifications and add-ons.
  • Its quick and easy. Attaching cladding takes much less time to carry out compared to full-blown home renovations.
  • Cladding revitalises your home exterior for an as-new appearance while offering ultimate protection and long-lasting resilience for years to come.
  • Our team are professionals. Affixing the cladding should be carried out only by a contractor with you have the prerequisite home-renovation experience. Unless you are a licensed builder we would recommend leaving this task in the hands of professionals to ensure it gets done right the first time. Nothing is worse than trying to save some money DIY only to end up burning a larger hole in your wallet because you underestimated the intricacies of the job.
  • Never worry about paint chipping, flaking or peeling which can prematurely age a home and end up burdening you with costly paint maintenance and up-keep services every 3 to 5 years.
  • House cladding can serve as a control feature by protecting your house from the harsh effects of long-term exposure to the elements and weather. Ideal for homes in tropical cyclone areas and regions prone to severe weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow, salt spray, extreme heat and wind.
  • Cladding will enhance structural integrity and fire resistance.
  • Thermal and sound insulation.
  • Thermal boarding will provide your home with optimum room temperature. It will reduce electricity costs by minimising the need for air-conditioning during summer and heating during winter.
  • Cladding can increase ventilation and relieve condensation problems.
  • Cladding is quick and easy to clean compared to normal home exteriors. All you need to do to maintain your new cladded surface is hand wash it with a mild cleaning product for a thorough clean, or, simply hose it down periodically.
  • Cladding options are diverse and can be tailored to the specific property needs, weather conditions and individual tastes. You can choose from different colours, textures, styles and finishes to really set your home apart from your neighbours and inject some personalised flair. Our team of experts will advise you on which combination will offer the best protection for your property, but, the final say will reside with you.

Make your house a home – call Abbey Thermal Boards today on 1800 621 113 to speak to one of our friendly team for a free, no obligation measure and quote.

Let our dedicated experts handle all your house cladding needs and answer any questions you may have.

We have been cladding for houses and other buildings for over 30 years and we know we can help you revitalise your property!