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Exterior Cladding

Exterior Wall Cladding
Vinyl / Aluminium

Exterior wall cladding is a low-cost, affordable method of improving the exterior look of your house or office building.

The most popular forms of exterior cladding are Vinyl Cladding and Aluminium Cladding.

ABBEY’s range of commercial and residential cladding thermalboards offer fully insulated, foil-backed exterior cladding that will revitalise and transform your property.

Exterior Wall Cladding that IMPROVES Building Exteriors

ABBEY Aluminium or Vinyl exterior wall cladding will improve your property aesthetically and increase its value.

Our timber-look cladding has beautiful realistic woodgrain textures that comes in two profiles – Weatherboard or Chamferboard.




ABBEY Exterior Cladding

ABBEY Cladding is perfect for most buildings and ABBEY Vinyl Cladding comes with a 50 year warranty.

Our Brisbane cladding factory offers the largest variety of Vinyl or Aluminium exterior cladding for any home, office, business or community building.

Choose from a wide range of colours to stand out and impress your customers.


Why ABBEY Vinyl Cladding

  • Fire Retardant, Self-Extinguishing
  • High UV Retardant
  • High-impact resistance, Cyclone-rated
  • Suitable for Australian weather in Queensland and Northern NSW
  • Insulates well to improve Energy Efficiency
  • Available in long lengths
  • Wide range of colours and concealed fittings
  • Timeless, classic look

Transform your building exterior with ABBEY Vinyl Cladding

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ABBEY Cladding – Designed for the Australian climate.

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