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Vertical Vinyl Cladding Board

Vertical Vinyl Cladding Boards

For a unique and modern alternative, vertical vinyl cladding boards can provide your home with the fantastic benefits of quality house cladding, while also adding an eye-catching feature to your exterior walls.

Your home will have a stunning upgrade while keeping it well insulated and protected from the elements.

For something you can be truly proud of – ABBEY premium vertical vinyl cladding boards will keep your home or building looking new and beautiful year in, year out.

Vertical Cladding Board for Feature Gables and Eave Linings

ABBEY vertical cladding board has superior wind resistance, is durable and long lasting, and never requires repainting. It is completely resistant to mould, mildew and corrosion, so your walls will always look like new.


Once installed, vertical boards require minimal care and maintenance, making them ideal for hard to reach and hard to maintain areas like high roof gables, under eaves, ceiling linings under porches and verandas, and second storey additions.

For highly exposed areas like roof gables that need superior protection from the elements – the unsurpassed weathering performance of ABBEY vertical vinyl cladding boards, will ensure your roof gables endure even the toughest conditions without a scratch. 

Benefits of ABBEY Vertical Cladding

ABBEY Vinyl Wall Cladding Mounted on Ceiling - Various colours

ABBEY superior vertical cladding boards are designed and manufactured to give you a full range of benefits so you can be absolutely certain you made the right choice.

  • Extremely strong, extremely durable
    ABBEY vertical cladding boards can survive most weather conditions. It is designed to withstand harsh weather. Perfect for areas prone to bushfires or cyclones
  • Naturally resistant to termites, mould, mildew and corrosion
    Our vertical boards won’t rust, rot, flake or peel and they are resistant to moisture. They are termite and insect proof – excellent protection for your home
  • Never paint your house again
    Save ongoing painting costs by cladding your home. Regular walls require re-painting every 5 – 7 years
  • High Fade Resistance
    Our boards are manufactured with state-of-the-art painting processes, ensuring the colour goes all the way through. They are highly fade resistant
  • Extra layer of insulation
    Vertical board cladding adds another layer of thermal insulation to your home, reducing your energy costs. It also insulates against noise
  • 50 year warranty
    We are confident in our products and our work. We pass that confidence on to you as well.
  • Design options are endless
    Choose from varying colours, textures and finishes.
  • Easy, Low Maintenance 
    When installed and maintained properly

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